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Premium Truck and Trailer Repair LLC provides dedicated truck repair and trailer repair services along with several amenities, which allow your truck and trailers to get back on the road, and ensures the hassle-free business for you. Below, you will get the information about the quality services and amenities offered by us. 

Full-Service Shop Facility

Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Llc. offers full-service shop facility for truck repair and maintenance. Here are a few facilities that you can acquire from us. 

Heavy Duty trucks, especially the diesel engines have their own types. The proper service of these large vehicles is required with specialized knowledge. Apart from specialized knowledge, there is also a need for specialized tools and equipment. We provide both these aspects for you by combining specialized equipment with expert truck services knowledge. This approach allows you to get your truck turned around quickly and fixed right so that you could start the work again.

Diesel engine repair and diesel maintenance need a special set of skills. As technology is advancing rapidly, it is crucial for truck experts to gain knowledge for the newest equipment every time. Our technicians regularly go to schools to learn the new things about trucks, and when the years of experience that our technicians already have is combined with updated knowledge, you get the best results and find a truck shop ready for taking any vehicle. Our technicians have the knowledge of all types of trucks whether it is a Mack or a new Hino.

Premium Truck offers full service heavy duty truck repair and maintenance facility prepared to work on anything with a diesel engine in it. We have all the right tools and machinery to get the job done on the heavy duty equipment part.

Full-Service Truck and Trailer Repair

Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Llc. is a full-service truck and trailer repair firm and dealership located in Conley, GA.

Heavy-duty trucks, fifth wheels, pick-up trucks, and trailers are proudly serviced and repaired by us.

A state-of-the-art facility with highly trained and experienced technicians is offered by us. Besides, all the latest equipment and technologies to rightly repair and maintain your truck and trailers are available at our truck repair and trailer repair shop.

Transmission & Drive Line

Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Llc. sells transmission parts and driveline components and is specialized in transmission repairs for trucks and trailers. We also rebuild or repair transmission and driveline components.

Radiator and Cooling

The moving electrical parts of your vehicle can lead to extreme temperatures. For maintaining the optimal temperature ranges, there is an arrangement in your vehicle to make sure your engine does not overheat, thanks to the vehicle’s cooling system and radiator. The problems can be occurred due to an overheated engine, which can also create malfunctioning. Therefore, it is better to make sure your cooling system and radiators are always running properly.

  • Cooling System Service

The cooling system of your vehicle enables your engine to run at its optimal temperature, which prevents it from overheating and potentially self-destructing. Our service includes flushing your vehicle’s cooling system, performing a pressure test and checking hoses, caps, and connections. 

  • Radiator Service

Overheating engines can lead to several problems, such as eventual breakdown and your vehicle’s radiator helps you keep the engine cool. The radiator of your vehicle sits in the front of the engine bay. It is made from slim, hollow channels, which run between the inlet and outlet tanks. Tubes are pumped to the engine by the coolant. After coolant reaches the engine, it goes to the radiator. It is constructed to cool the flowing liquid by using the air passing the radiator. The cooled liquid cycles are backed via the engine, where it absorbs more heat. This cycle enables the engine to keep working at perfect temperatures.

Besides, an elevated temperature gauge is more sign that your radiator might be malfunctioning. The radiator leak can be indicated by the puddles of green, yellow or orange coolant. It can be caused by corrosion.

At the time of vehicle overheating, you may require to get your radiator serviced or replaced. If you get any of the above-mentioned signs that your radiator is required to be serviced or replaced, bring your vehicle to Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Llc. We have a team of experts, who can fix leaks or replace your radiator which allows you to start your work again without any worries.

DPF Filter Clean / Replace

  • What is a diesel particulate filter?

A DPF is a device that is installed in the exhaust stream of diesel engines. A particular matter of soot is removed from the exhaust via DPF. The vehicles with a DPF exhaust flow via an open inlet channel. It is restricted at the plugged end, where it is forced via porous walls that tap soot. Thereafter, the exhaust passes via the wall and out of the adjacent cell at the place where the outlet end is open. 

  • DPF Cleaning Service

We have the highly skilled Truck Service technicians who treat your diesel particulate filter with care at the time of inspecting transporting, cleaning, testing and return processing of the DPF.

  • DPF Replacing Service

DPF regeneration process is accomplished in case of a fault. When the regeneration process is failed, it requires complete replacement. A DPF, which reaches 90% or approx. 45 grams full is considered beyond regeneration and requires complete replacement.


We have the professional welding mechanics for your truck or trailer. We are proficient in different types of truck welding, some of which include:

  • TIG

 TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas. Here, tungsten is used as the electrode to fuse two pieces of metal. TIG welding is a time-consuming process, but it creates precise and beautiful results.

  • MIG

 MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas. The steel welding wire is used as an electrode in this type of welding procedure. It is fed into the hole or rent to fuse it.

  • Arc

 Arc is considered as an easiest and cheapest option. It is perfect on thick metal especially the steel. It is also possible to accomplish portal arc welding.

  • Aluminum MIG

Utilization of aluminum wire is more arduous as compared to steel. But, still, it will work for aluminum vehicle bodies.

  • Helliarc

 Helliarc is identical to TIG welding But, helium is still used in it as an electrode. As in the case of TIG, aesthetically pleasing results are produced by it.

  • Acetylene oxygen cutting processes

In this type of welding, Acetylene is used as a fuel. It is good for removing rusted or seized bolts.

It is our priority to provide best of our services and to take you back on the road. Truck and trailer welding is one of our specialties. Get in touch with us and find the best of our services.

Vehicle Inspections – Truck & Trailer

We do the vehicle inspections for safety according to the new standard, which includes every measurement to be recorded. We measure every aspect of your truck and trailer and provide our review. We also offer services such as truck repairs, trailer repairs, and many others, which you can avail in case of any issue.

A/C Service & Repairs

For the trucks, A/C service and preventive maintenance are very significant aspects.  The A/C system may face breakage eventually with usage, hose pipes, clogging of tubes and dripped. It causes reduced efficiency heating and cooling capabilities. To combat these situations, we provide A/C Service & Repairs.


Regular oiling is required for the trucks and maybe the immediate requirement of lubing. For this purpose, we also offer the quick-lube services. You can call us any time and can avail our services without any glitch.

Preventative Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance services are provided by us, and we take care of all necessary adjustments, repairs, lubrication or replacements. For this, we need to do regular inspections. As an outcome, your vehicle stays in better condition. It reduces major damage, breakdown risks, extended downtime, and delivery delays. In addition to this, it also decreases breakdowns, repair, and operating costs.

Air Conditioning   

It is true that while you are on the road, the temperatures can soar. Therefore, air conditioning is considered as one of the most significant comfort features for all types of trucks and trailers. We have the expert engineers, who are ready to keep your fleet and driver comfortable even in the warm weather, with our fully licensed repairs and maintenance services.

We can take the full care of all your trucks and trailer air condition needs with:

  • Fully qualified technicians to provide service and to repair any air-conditioning unit
  • Compressor repairs
  • Leak detection for any air conditioning system
  • Retrofit to 134a ozone safe gas
  • Hose repairs and manufacture of new hoses
  • Mobile service for trucks, earthmoving and plant equipment
  • Installations of new systems



We provide Hydraulic services, which include the rebuilding hydraulic or pneumatic components, troubleshooting or rebuilding of all types of hydraulic systems, complete machine services and more.

Frame, Alignment & Suspension 

Our technicians are specialized in full-service truck alignments and suspensions, which include brakes and springs. Some repairs that we accomplish are framework & repair, brakes, tie roads, leaf spring, bushings, ball joints, u joints, and even trailer alignments.


We sell the engines for trucks and also provide the engine repair services for trucks and trailers. We deal in both new and old engines.


Our custom braiding equipment facilitates us to craft the most rugged trailer wire harness available. It keeps every part of the truck in control from lights to braking. We build customer wiring harnesses for rigs of every type, from the lift trucks to semi-trailers. We evaluate the full range of environmental stresses, you truck endure and build dependable truck wiring harnesses, which keep your equipment running, and it doesn’t matter, where you need to go.

Van Body

You can also acquire the van body repair services from us. We have the expert technicians to accomplish this purpose.

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